We have experience working on complex sites and projects, and will exercise care with your sensitive products: you can rely on our knowledge of your sector.

Office equipment and printing:

A global and efficient service guaranteeing users custom-made solutions

Global service (transportation, handling and installation)

Operations to fit in with users / appointments

Organisation of roll-outs – Mastering

Identification and location of equipment

Data protection

Management of technical procedures

Reverse: Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Recycling

IT infrastructure and data centers:

Confidence and security at all levels for your server installations and cabinets, and your data centres relocations.

Product and Data security (flight cases)

Specific tools and skills for handling and mounting

Route Security (geolocation, multiple itineraries, relay vehicles, escort, etc.)

PPE management, Biodata

Strict but flexible project management to fit in with date requirements and any postponements

Dedicated crews with on-call services, longer working hours

Consideration given to brand image and presentation

  • High-criticality moving and relocation projects

Medical and scientific instruments:

Services adapted for each of the medical sector’s specific features, for your white gloves deliveries to medical centres, laboratories, clean rooms, etc.

Protection of sensitive products (automata, etc.): handling, vehicles, etc.

Management of heavy handling operations (crane work, etc.)

Compliance with rules and regulations on discretion and on patients’ and healthcare professionals’ hygiene and security

Physical protection of the medical rooms

Fixed schedules and punctuality

Positioning onto the Customers benchs

Consideration given to brand image and presentation

  • We take care of their products: GE Healthcare, Brainlab, Orthoclinical, Fizfabl, etc.

Multimedia solutions and sales outlet equipment:

Custom-made transport and installation of equipment for your reception areas and collaborative spaces, as well as for managing your events.

Site survey



Product positioning

Simple cabling


  • Interactive screens, video-conferencing rooms, interactive terminals, presentation units, stands and advertising screens


An essential activity fully controlled by tried and tested procedures

Appointments set up rapidly

Additional information about compliance checks, counting and recording serial numbers

Secure packaging

Temporary storage/grouping

Optimised leadtimes

Data wiping

  • 15 brokers in IT and medical fields

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